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September Sexiness

YAY! It's finally September!

This is awesome for a few reasons, but mainly because my first release comes out with Total-E-Bound this month! It's called Battle of Thrills, and it's a sexy short story based on a sex-game that lasts a week - and that's before there's any sex. ;D

There's just one rule to the game:

Tease, tempt, tremble… but don’t touch.

Old friends and colleagues Jared and Elle embark upon a sexual game with only one rule: no touching. Whoever breaks the rule first loses the game, and no matter how much they want each other, they’re both too stubborn to give in.

At the end of a long working week filled with close encounters and teasing phone calls, who will win their maddening battle of thrills?

I'll tell ya - it could go either way. You'll have to read it to find out... ;)

Okay, so what else is awesome about September? Well, this month I've got guest spots lined up with Lisabet Sarai, who's introducing one of the very sexy guys from her very sexy stories, and Victoria Blisse, who'll be guest-blogging.

I've also started writing a collaborative erotica short with the talented and lovely Paige Turner - we're hoping to make it into the Scared Stiff anthology, though we've got some very freaky ideas that might turn out to be a little bit too scary! Watch this space...

I guess I should provide a little snippet of smut for September (try saying that five times fast!) - here's a short sexcerpt (did I really just type 'sexcerpt'? I think I did...) from Battle of Thrills:

Elle moved over to the mats set aside for post-workout stretches, and Jared wandered over after a few minutes, gazing down at her without bothering to hide his appraisal. “Enjoy your workout?”

She made a show of checking him out from head to toe before replying. “Yup. Not as much as I would have if you’d lost your shirt at some point, though.”

She finished her last floor stretch and got to her feet. When her eyes met Jared’s again, she was shocked at the desire she saw there. It was as if he couldn’t hide how much he wanted her, and electricity quivered down her spine as his hands balled into fists, his body tensing with the effort of keeping himself still.

Elle took a step closer, so he could feel her breath on his neck as she whispered, “All that post-workout adrenaline and nowhere to channel it, Jared?”

He closed his eyes for a second, as if gathering enough willpower to resist her, before stepping away. “When this is over, Elle…” he growled, and headed in the direction of the locker rooms.

Swallowing down a plea for him to forget the game, she followed him down the deserted corridor connecting the gym to the showers, answering with all the nonchalance she could muster. “You’re gonna what? Fuck me good and hard?”

He didn’t slow down until he reached the doorway, but then he turned to face her, pulling off his shirt. Pausing for a couple of seconds to allow her to get an eyeful of his firm chest and abs, he told her, “Something like that.”

Before she could compose herself enough to respond, he was gone.

You can preorder Battle of Thrills now, ready to read on the publishing date (September 26th) - why wait till release day? :D


Paige Turner said...

Battle of Thrills sounds brilliant, Amy. I know I'll be picking up a copy! I love that kind of build up of sexual tension.

Paige x

Amy Valenti said...

<3 Thank you, dearest!