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Shiny Things

Hullo all,

Today I'd like to talk about shiny things. You know them, I can see it on your face, the way you look away with sly guilt. Yes--the bright, glossy, distracting shiny things that lead us both astray when we should be putting pen to paper or crossing a to-do off the list.

But today I'm here to celebrate the shiny things, not to condemn them for making hussies of us all. I'm busy (like I'll bet you are too) and I can't believe the summer's come and gone (or did it even arrive?). With precious little time for writing at the moment, I'm dying to keep creative. I want to keep the ideas humming, and shiny things really do help rather than hinder at times like this.

So, let's chat shiny. Do you Pinterest?

I'm slowly getting into this social bookmarking site. You can find me there at Rachel Randall.

The basic principle is to treat the site like a pinboard. You have different pinboards for different topics -- and as the shiny, idea-generating pretties lure you, you pin them to your board so they can't get away. It's like a visual version of Delicious.

Not only is Pinterest good for keeping track of things, but it's a fun way to find new stuff too. I'm still in the early stages of developing my habit, but already I've discovered Pinterest is perfect for:

- coming back again and again to my new favourite maybe-should-I shoes (you can add prices, which is great for making an online wishlist)

So do you Pinterest too? What do you / would you use it for ? :)

(And speaking of shiny things and temptations, look at what I'm going to be part of in October!)

(And if you're looking for something distracting now, have I got a cool anthology for you! 24 sexy tales of myth and legend: Seducing the Myth!)
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Maggie Nash said...

Oh I should send my dh to that site. He collects all manner of things...maps, timetables, games. Yes, he's obsessive! LOL

Me, I collect books. Lots of them. LOL, so I'm not sure I'd find that site useful. Although it is quite pretty! I do love pretty :-)

That anthology is on my TBB list Rachel. It looks hot!


Amy Valenti said...

Oooh, that Pinterest thing looks interesting - especially for creating new characters, as you have. I may have to try it! :D

Naomi Bellina said...

Oh no, something else to distract me! I have far too many of those already. It looks like fun, but probably not something I'll be using. I'm trying to spend more time AWAY from the computer and out in the world. Hard to do!

Rachel Randall said...

@ Maggie:

I find it really useful as a way to stop myself from *physically* collecting things -- I find the virtual collection just as satisfying. Though, err, I did buy the shoes.

The Seducing the Myth anthology IS totally hot like a burning hot thing! There really is something for everyone in it.

@ Amy

Let me know if you set up an account and I'll follow :)

@ Naomi

Tell me about it, LOL! *headdesk*