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Taken By Surprise by Nichelle Gregory

I apologize for the lateness of this post. I hope you'll forgive me and enjoy the saucy excerpt I'm sharing this month from my latest release, Taken By Surprise!
Blurb: Zori revels in the control she exerts over the opposite sex; no man has ever challenged her in the bedroom or out...until she meets Greyson. 

She's beautiful, intelligent and sometimes deadly to the men who enter her bedroom. For Zori, voracious appetites for sex and food reign supreme. She's never known rejection, romance or love...her life and heart has always been her own. The moment she sets eyes on Greyson, Zori makes it her quest to have him in her bed, but she's finally met her match. Can two lovers with secrets face the truth and trust their hearts?


What are you?” He lifted his head from the pillow to watch her fondle him.

With a saucy wink, she leant down to place a lingering kiss on the thick ridged crown of flesh in her hand.

“Tell me!” He yanked the binding velvet ropes with enough effort to shake the entire bed and the candles on her nightstand.

His frustration and anger was better than any foreplay. Zori didn’t bother to answer as she took him into her mouth as far as her throat would permit. She barely noticed him falling back on the pillow as she tasted him. His cock filled her mouth as she stretched her lips to take more. It didn’t seem possible, but Zori was sure his erection swelled even more. Moisture pooled between her thighs as she imagined the feel of his warm hard length taking her. She couldn’t wait to ride him hard and fast. Bringing him to orgasm now would ensure her ultimate pleasure later. Her body heated in anticipation and she choked more than once as he began ramming his hips upwards in a steady rhythm. She squeezed her thighs together, teasing the slick flesh waiting to be filled and satisfied. The sound of his rapid breathing filled her sensitive ears as his fluid hip movements became erratic.

“Vixen!” His gruff voice echoed within the bedroom as he climaxed.

Zori moaned as she swallowed, looking up at him as each rhythmic jerk of his cock filled her mouth. She pulled away from him and slowly licked her lips. “You taste delicious.” She giggled as she stood up in the bed and shimmied out of her panties.

Greyson’s fevered gaze dropped from her mouth to the bare cleft between her legs as she placed her feet on the outside of his hips. Zori knew he could see just how wet she was from his vantage point. Her pulse quickened under his slow appraisal of her entire body.

Beauty was hers and she gloried in its effect on males and females. She was accustomed to men ignoring their strange precarious predicament as she disrobed and advanced on them. It amused her how easily the male ego could adjust to any scenario if sex was involved.

She searched Greyson’s face for a hint of fear and found none. He knew she was something other than human and yet he studied her as she studied him beneath hooded eyelids with a surprising calm. For a split second, Zori felt uncomfortable. There was something in his posture, something lingering in his dark gaze, never seen on all of the bound lovers she’d enjoyed before.


Despite being taken against his will, tied up for her own pleasures, Greyson appeared unfazed…even slightly amused.
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