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Temporary Treats

My first release with Total-e-Bound was this week! I am so excited to announce that Temporary Treats is now available!

"This sweets shop has something to satisfy every desire..."

Two men, one woman and a chocolate orgasm make this story hot and sweet. Check it out here:

Once inside the hotel room, Tawnie felt lightheaded and excused herself to visit the bathroom. She sat on the edge of the bathtub and came to a decision about it all. She wanted this, was so ready for this, but she wanted to go into it honestly. She wanted them to know she wasn’t some kind of professional, and if that changed things for them, then fine—she would leave. God, she hoped it didn’t change anything. Already her thighs were wet from her excitement and her nipples were hard and aching for attention. It didn’t seem like she was getting any calmer, so she stood and looked in the mirror. She saw a face that was flushed to a pale pink, a stark contrast to the jet black hair and dark red lips, blue eyes that were bright with desire and wide with excitement. And a chest rising and falling in rapid succession. It was the picture of a woman ready for untold pleasure. It was the woman she had always wanted to see herself as, but hadn’t until now.
When she stepped out into the main room it was dark, candles lit all around, giving enough light to see by but not enough to be intrusive. It smelt like exotic spices and hot wax. This was a room ready for all kinds of sex—her heart beat rapidly and goosebumps rushed across her skin—and so was she.
“Can I get you something to drink? I was having a beer, but we have some things to mix up if you would rather. Sam is having a tiny bottle of wine.” Ethan handed over a tiny bottle of merlot as he spoke.
“Whatever is easy—beer is fine.” Tawnie looked around the room. There was nowhere to sit other than the bed.


Paige Turner said...

Congrats, Courtney! Are you as excited as I am? *grin*

Paige x

Ranae Rose said...

Congrats! :)

courtneybreazile said...

Yes, Paige I am pretty sure I am! :D

Thank you, Ranae :)