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To Comp or Not to Comp

I’m using a bit of poetic licence with the title as it sounds like I’m talking about offering a complimentary meal, drink or suchlike. Forget that—if they consume it, make them pay for it.

Actually, I’m talking about whether or not to enter competitions, which can be wonderful or frustrating (depending on your point of view) and certainly unpredictable. Mostly, I don’t bother with them because I never win anything and they always seem too good to be true. Besides, I am automatically suspicious when something seems a little too easy – you can’t get something for nothing.

A competition offering a large sum of money for answering a ridiculously easy question is usually more beneficial to those that set the competition – premium rate phone number anyone?

The National Lottery is a real gamble with a massive number of hopefuls handing over their money every week in anticipation of receiving a jackpot. In the UK, the Lotto makes so much money that they can afford to give some to charitable (!) causes.

However, there are some competitions that are quite different from the average and are worthwhile entering. One such competition is the Just One Bite short story competition being conducted by All Romance ebooks. I write stories anyway so the entry wasn’t much of a gamble—I love to write.

I was also attracted by the theme, which is paranormal. I don’t often write paranormal stories, but when I do, they are usually of the beastly variety—á la Twisted Angel. What better than to write about the erotic passion that can stem from evil? I entered with a story called By The Fireside, which is a deliciously devilish MF tale.

Find out more about the competition and By The Fireside here.

Shermaine Williams

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