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You Go, Girl

It’s hard to imagine that barely one hundred years ago, women in the United States didn’t have the right to vote.

It’s easy to forget where we’ve been. It’s easy to be frustrated about where we’re going.

A few years ago I was at a writing retreat with a bunch of talented authors.

After a day of workshops and critique sessions, we headed for the outdoor hot tub. Under the clear Colorado night sky, we were talking about our dreams and hopes, brainstorming ideas, laughing, joking, telling outrageous tales. And it occurred to me how lucky we were.

There are places in the world where we wouldn’t be allowed to do that.

For many women, the freedom to leave behind husbands and children, work or responsibilities to pursue our own dreams simply doesn’t exit.

I savored the time, and I’ve never forgotten the experience.

I’d love for all women, everywhere to experience that kind of freedom.

I’m not naïve. What we enjoy doesn’t come without a cost. Many women would rather be home with their kids, but reality makes that impossible. Yeah, a lot of us have to bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. Freedom often comes with a price.

It would be easy to complain about that.

It would be easy to forget that thirty years ago Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Instead, I choose to celebrate how far we’ve come, the trails blazed by remarkable women such as Susan B. Anthony who, in addition to supporting women’s suffrage, had the wild idea that women should be allowed to own property and their own money. (Keep in mind this was little over one hundred years ago.)

So, in honor of Sandra Day O’Connor, I celebrate YOU, the gifts you bring to the world, the trails you will blaze, and the generations of women who will have a better, smoother path because of the difference your actions make. go, girl!


Ranae Rose said...

Brilliant post. I often think how lucky I am to live where and when I do, with an unprecented level of freedom. We women are awesome and living in a time and place that lets us shine is the best (and how it should be everywhere)!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Amen, Sierra!

Even my mother didn't have the freedom that I do - and she paid for that with unhappiness. Thanks for the reminder of how fortunate we are.