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A Bit of October Waffle

I don’t think I’m ever going to get over how hot it has been lately. I adore autumn and winter and right now I feel in the middle of Summer.

The problem I have with this insane heat is, I find when I’m a point where I can’t think I go into the kitchen and cook or bake. I have a fondness for being in my kitchen—this is how sad, I’ve taken pictures of my range cooker and store cupboard, no, I won’t be showing them now lol—and with this heat the best meal I can come up with is baked potatoes and salad. I can leave the kitchen with the potatoes in the oven.

I love cooking stews, and I’m going to try my fair hand at a few curries in the coming months. I know this has nothing to do with writing but food very much drives me forward, lets not get into the debate about the size of my hips :-). It helps me to concentrate and to think of storylines.

It has been during a cooking session in the kitchen that finally worked out the problems with my vampires series which I’m looking forward to telling you all about in the coming months.

What inspires you to write? How do you work out your problems?

Until then, I’m going to leave you with what I hope to see outside.

I know I've used these pictures before but I need SNOW !!!

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Stephanie said...

LOL!!! It's turned cold here...and though it's not snowing yet, I was not ready for bundling up yet.

Sam Crescent said...

We're having a mini heatwave and it is driving me crazy lol.

I love my winter and my time to be cozy.

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