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Bit of a ramble

This month finds me stuck in writer's block hell, but I'm determined not to let it get to me. I've said many times, over the last many months, writer's block doesn't get to me. For years, it didn't. I guess it's my turn, though. Sigh!

So, instead of going on about what I'm working on or what new book I've dreamed up to create, I'm going to share a little of the vacation my husband and I just came back from. A very good friend of ours was working in Peace River, that's in northern Alberta for anyone not familiar with the geography of the place. This fellow follows the work, which has made it difficult on his wife and family, but since the mill closed down a couple of years ago, it became necessary. He'd taken his wife's small car, figuring to save on gas. He was supposed to be up their for only a couple of weeks. Then he'd be on his way home again.

As luck would have it, he wound up with a permanent job a little further north and east. For this one, he needed his truck. Problem being, how to get truck up there and car back to wife? Solution, US!

Hubby and I offered to drive his truck up to Peace River, as his wife really didn't want to do the long drive alone, and she's also not much of a driver type. We offered to do the switch, and make it into a kind of vacation. They paid the gas bill, we paid the rest. It worked out beautifully for all of us.

We took 2 days to get to Peace River, and what a hellish long drive it was. As many of you know, I live on Vancouver Island. Just getting off the island takes time.

The trip up was just hours of driving and not much else. Once we'd switched vehicles, we got to settle back and do some tourist stuff. And take pictures!

These were taken in Jasper Nation Park

Big Horn Sheep


Bull elk

And that's about it. Of course, I've got hundreds more, but jeeze, I don't want to bore you. Besides, hubby takes better pictures. Sigh! I hope you enjoyed a peak into the beautiful interior of BC.



Ray said...

Beautiful pictures. Great scenery for a book.

For what you and your husband did you deserve a gold star. You are one of the good people.

W... & C...


Jude Mason said...

Ah, thank you Ray. It really was a pleasure to help the guy out. I'm sure he'd have done the same for us if we'd needed it. Besides, we did get a nice little vacation out of the deal, and I got to learn a bit about taking pictures.


Verb said...

Lovely pics, Jude. I think it would be quite a while before you bored us if you keep on taking photos like that. As for writers block, I'm no expert, but maybe relaxing for a little while and thinking about something else will help, a bit like when something is just out of reach in your head and it comes to you in a blinding flash at 3 am - that ytpe of thing.

Whatever, I hope you get through it soon, and thanks for posting such great pics.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Gorgeous pictures, Jude!

As for the writer's block - well, you've got so many books out there you can afford to slack off a bit... give the rest of us a chance to catch up (I wish!)


Naomi Bellina said...

Beautiful scenery! Your muse probably decided to stay there, hence the writer's block. Call her home!