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"Could you pass me that buttplug?", or, My inappropriate imagination keeps playing tricks on me

Those of you who are – like me – stuck in an evil day job, trying to write in the evenings and on the weekends, may know the feeling. You are sitting in a meeting (or talking to a customer on the phone, or giving a sales presentation, or [insert inappropriate work-related situation here]… ) when inspiration strikes. This may seem like a minor problem for writers of dull … er … respectable historical novels or crime stories, or even science fiction, who could probably just slink off into a corner or jot down a few notes on their napkin during coffee break. It can be a major embarrassment for writers of erotic romance fiction. First of all, you may not want to show to your colleagues what exactly you’re scribbling on you notepad during that boring meeting or after lunch in the cafeteria. And even if you’re resisting the urge to take notes, there’s the slight problem of where your thoughts are wandering off to.

When inspiration hits me, it is usually in the form of people having sex - very hot and steamy sex - sometimes really kinky sex. Imagine me, sitting in a meeting trying to look respectably bored while there’s a full blown orgy going on in my head. My heroine is tied to the bed while two hot men are exploring her body with their mouths, licking every inch, then deliciously nipping her most sensitive spots. I’ve found myself gripping the arms of my chair with both hands, trying to keep the excitement level down. Sometimes my characters decide to get stark naked and down to business right there in front of me on the meeting room table. My fingers are itching to write down every saucy detail, while I’m desperately trying to keep track of the discussion. One of these days I’m going to pop out a highly inappropriate observation about nipple clamps and anal beads in answer to a sales-related question from my boss or ask someone to pass me that buttplug at a working lunch. You just wait for it!

Incidentally, the heroine of my next story has a similar problem. (See how smoothly I managed to sneak a little self-advertising into this post :-) ). “The Accidental Sub” is due for release in the Subspace Anthology on 14 November. I’m sooo excited to be in the anthology with incredibly hot writers like Desiree Holt, Sierra Cartwright and Jan Irving and I can’t wait for it to come out! I’ll post more details on my blog, A DARK KIND OF DESIRE soon. And I'll be back here with an excerpt from my freshly released story next month on the 19th! 

Do your thoughts keep straying during meetings? Do you daydream of hot sex at work? I’d love to hear your opinion on this in the comments!


Ayla Ruse said...

Hahaha. I love your post and I completely agree! I don't have the meetings like you do, but I take my notebook everywhere and whenever the kids are busy doing - whatever event they happen to be doing - I corner myself and scribble away. I try to act nonchalant and oh so discreetly close up if another person strays by, but heaven help me if someone peers over my shoulder. Wait, heaven help them! :D

Lisabet Sarai said...

Great post, Mina!

Fortunately, my job doesn't involve a lot of those kind of business meetings...!

Congratulations on the upcoming release. I'm looking forward to reading it (being,as everyone knows, a huge fan of D/s...)

Mina Dorian said...

Thanks for dropping by ladies.
I'm still working on looking nonchalant, Ayla ;-).
And Lisabet: I'm a bit scared now. This is my first attempt at getting a BDSM story published and I hope I can live up to your standards!