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October means...

…lots to read from me! (and a contest!)

Because, okay, I was wrong. Way back in one of my early posts here on the hotspot, I swore I would never find anything sexy about airports.

But then Valentine and Lucy happened. You remember them, right?

Valentine's the incorrigible tease who's appeared in His Christmas Present and my free story Fizz, as well as in his very own story Taking It Off. And Lucy's the toppy American troublemaker who has him in her thrall.

We last saw them beginning a long-distance relationship in Taking It Off:

Valentine scanned the room from his vantage point at the bar. Still no sign of her and only one thing for it, he thought, ordering a whiskey and soda. He’d started his second when she sauntered in.

Her blue-striped blouse was open at the neck in a daring plunge down to her breastbone. The pencil skirt, the grey of it pearly in the mood light, flirted with her knees. Then sheer, nude stockings down to the Louboutins, their red soles flashing with every step and giving her the height to carry off the whole feminine miracle of her ensemble.

“Fuck,” Valentine said succinctly, because, well, fuck.

Now, they're back in Fly Baby, a free read I've written especially for Total E-Bound's October newsletter. The story's set at a surprisingly sexy airport, and you can find it in the newsletter here. Wondering what Lucy wears in this one? Here's a hint: she's mostly naked.

But what if you're not looking for romantic and sexy this month, if you'd rather have your erotica with a hint of teeth and a scratch of nails? My October release Temporary Truce will hit that not-so-sweet spot with the ultimate in competitive kink.

Between a cock and a hard case.

The rivalry between Caroline Kildaire and Hilary Swift is as infamous in London legal circles as their rumoured affair. And while a professional partnership would make them unbeatable, attempts to work together always turn to personal warfare.

With only forty-eight hours to coax a temporary truce, young facilitator Adam Bloom surrenders to their sexually-charged tension. He's risking it all to be the lucky man in the middle, hoping he doesn't get caught in the crossfire first.

If there's one thing the hot-tempered lawyers can agree on, it's that Adam's a tempting reward for cooperation. But in bending over for peace, he's sparked their next battle: who gets to the top.

I'm giving away the choice of a PDF of either Taking It Off or Temporary Truce to a random commenter who answers the following question: in which city's airport do Lucy and Valentine have their erotic rendezvous in Fly Baby? Good luck! I'll pick a winner on the 17th October.

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