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A Slow Burn in October

It's October, and over here in the UK it's finally getting cold, so I'm working on generating some heat. In my recent writing I've been working on slower build-ups to sex scenes.

Surprisingly, it isn't something I've had to deal with much. A lot of my scenes have either been highly choreographed (the ménage scenes immediately leap to mind) or highly passionate, which means a much faster pace. Often in my head they burst out of their clothes like Superman.

However, passionate as the scenes I'm writing are, they need atmosphere. Two are brand new relationships and need to move tentatively; one is with a married couple whose desire for each other is more of a constant than a sudden flash. And one involves a partner who, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't particularly be attracted to, so to make it erotic I need to work a lot harder.

I'm actually enjoying it. This is the first chance I've had to write tortuous teasing, kisses and touches that show a deep knowledge of their partner's pleasure zones, a slow burn of excitement building to a crescendo. And it contrasts nicely with the horrible cold weather outside, with the gusts of wind that make my window rattle just when I'm trying to focus.

If I keep this up, I could be in for a hot winter!

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Sam Crescent said...

Go Tanith go, fans *points at self* are waiting to see what you've got next.

Take care