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Smutmongers Anonymous

By Lisabet Sarai

My name is Lisabet, and I write smut. Okay, I know that some of my colleagues will demur at my use of that term. It sounds sleazy and socially reprehensible - almost as bad as "porn". As far as the most of the world is concerned, though, anyone who pens sexually explicit fiction gets lumped into the same category: deviant, depraved, dangerous individuals who undermine the moral integrity of the country, corrupt youth, threaten the family, spread disease, increase unemployment, cause halitosis, and make milk sour before its expiration date. We're the Enemy (or one manifestation thereof), responsible for the decline of Western civilization and the national debt, damned and destined for Hell.

We authors of erotic romance like to believe that we're somehow better than the folks who write letters to Hustler, because our books are concerned with more than just sex. We're focused on emotion, connection, relationships and conflicts, love as well as desire. We're as interested in the process as in the consummation. Our work is deeper, more significant and meaningful than garden-variety porn - not to mention much better written. I have news for you. All this may be true, but it doesn't matter.

Our literary aspirations are no protection. We can still lose our jobs if someone discovers our dirty little secret. Our kids can be harassed and abused by their classmates. It's difficult enough growing up these days. Imagine what it would be like to have to deal with the shame of having your parent labeled as a pornographer.

If we write GLBT or BDSM fiction, we're even more at risk. There are horrific but true tales of authors who have been driven out of their communities by narrow-minded neighbors who didn't want "that sort" of people in their town. I personally know several authors whose websites have been closed down because of the "objectionable" content. Sex that goes beyond the straight, vanilla norm is doubly demonized.

Hence the need for pseudonyms and anonymity. I'd love to let more of my friends and family members know about my writing career, but I recognize that I add to the risk of exposure every time I let someone know my real identity. I wish I didn't have to slink around, cover my tracks, or think so carefully about what I reveal in each blog post. I'm proud of my writing. When I have a new release, I'd like to claim it as my own, in my real name. But I force myself to be careful, because I have a lot to lose.

Still, here at the Hot Spot, I can be myself. My name is Lisabet and I write erotic stories that will make you yearn and sweat. I write about men loving men, women loving women, ménage, group sex, fetishes, bondage and discipline. I'm fascinated by the many facets of desire and by the way sex shapes our lives, our perceptions, our very selves. The mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of sex interest me more than purely physical, but in practice, those distinctions are pretty meaningless. I write smut, graphic stories that don't pull punches or hide behind euphemisms.

Want a sample? Check out some of the free stories on my website. You'll find everything from playful exhibitionism to raw futuristic orgies, wistful ghost tales to romantic BDSM. I have several free stories available on the Total-E-Bound website as well. (Of course, I'd love it if you actually buy some of my books...but you don't have to in order to get a feeling for my writing.)

My next release will be a paranormal Lust Bite entitled Hot Spell, due out on November 14th. You can read an excerpt here.

My name is Lisabet. I want to turn you on and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm a proud member of Smutmongers Anonymous.

What about you?


Mina Dorian said...

I love this post, Lisabet!
You summarize so well the feeling of being proud of your writing, yet not able to share that pride with most of the people in your life for fear of public shaming.
You keep up the good (smut-mongering) work!
All the best,

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks, Mina,

You know, I'm really tired of being told I should write something "serious"!

Ranae Rose said...

I don't really hide my writing at's 2011, not 1811, and I'm proud of my books.

It also helps that my family is also supportive of my work and doesn't demonise me for it.

I have no idea why society is generally so accepting of having so much sex in movies, TV and other media, but some of the same people who couldn't give two craps about that act like sex in books is unforgivably naughty. That's just silly.

Ranae Rose said...
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Sharazade said...

I do write erotica under a pen name, because it would -- I was going to say "shock the pants off," but that's not right -- unpleasantly surprise my other career, but by now, I really love my pen name and the fact that I can be just fiction-writin' Sharazade over here, and not drag everything else into it all the time.

And erotica is serious, gosh yes! Sex and love and human connections. I'd say that's pretty profound.

Good post.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hey, Ranae,

I envy you. Because of my life situation I need to be very circumspect about my smutmongering activities!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Shar,

Great to see you here!

I couldn't agree more. Sex, desire, love, these are all primal human issues. Sex is not just "decoration". It strikes to the core of who we are.

Willa Edwards said...

Lisabet, I completely agree with you. I would love to have my real name on my books, but due to the extremely uptight company I work for (and who knows who I'll work for in the future) I didn't feel comfortable doing that. Do I hate that. Absolutely. But I've seen what can happen when people are outed for writing smut like I love.

Its ridiculous and I hate it, but unfortuately its the world we live in.

Ayla Ruse said...

Lisabet, what a beautifully written post. So true as so many of us fall into the same category. Keep up the wonderful "smut," :) and I can't wait to delve into the pages of Hot Spell.

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

I just love this post, and thank you for the awesome stories you write. I find it offensive that you have to be ashamed or to hide what you do and it's long past time they get over it. I love the genre's and I don't care who knows it as I'm free, and over 21 by a long shot. I'm taxpayer and if they don't like it to damn bad.
Just keep writing your wonderful books cause we are out here more than willing to buy them...*S*

Thank you for expressing yourself..and perhaps one day it won't be so ridiculous to be who are and claim to what you write.