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"After All These Years" is Here!

Hello again, everyone!

Things are just hopping at Total-e-Bound lately, aren't they? I am so glad to be a part of it! My latest release, After All These Years, hit the Wild, Wild Web a few weeks ago. If you are into romance, military history, suspense and mysteries, give this one a shot!

Here's the blurb:

When Marilyn first meets William at the train station on a cold December day, she thinks he’s crazy. Soon she realises that he’s not crazy—just quirky—and she is stunned that he recognises her as the wife of Bobby Overmire, a Marine who was killed in the Beirut bombings in 1983.

As time passes, Marilyn becomes much more interested in William than in the husband she lost over two decades ago. But William is harbouring a secret-a secret that could destroy Marilyn’s world all over again.
That's the PG-13 version, of course. The excerpt that follows is a bit hotter:

In New York, the crowd was going wild. The gaudy crystal ball was flashing. As I watched, it started to drop. New York revellers were counting down the numbers with increasing frenzy.

William set his champagne glass on the table and turned to me. At the same time, I closed the distance by reaching out and lightly brushing his arm with the back of my hand. Though his left hand didn’t move, his right one did. He reached up and touched my hair, ran his fingertips through it, and moved closer. When I thought he would kiss me, he buried his nose in my hair and took a deep breath. He held very still as the numbers counted down and the crowd on the television screen got louder.

“Happy New Year, Marilyn,” he whispered into my ear.

He kissed me just as Dick Clark announced that the New Year had officially arrived in New York. William kissed me shyly, not touching anywhere but my lips. He nibbled with slow kisses at first, delving deeper with every one until his tongue touched mine.

It was like a match to dry tinder. I kissed him back, suddenly ravenous for his taste, and he responded in kind. He kicked away the blankets and pushed me back against the corner of the couch until there was nowhere I could go and nothing I could do but kiss him right back. I was kissing him with every pent-up year of sexual frustration I had in me.

The crowd sang a rather bad version of Auld Lang Syne as fireworks erupted. There were fireworks of a different kind on my couch. I pressed my thigh hard between William’s legs, and he responded by pushing right back. There was no doubt about his arousal—he was hard and hot. A groan escaped him as I ground against him.

He cupped one breast with his right hand, kneading it. He angled his head and kissed me deeper, harder, his lips rough against mine. What had started out gentle was now turning into something demanding, and it awakened long-lost feelings inside me that made me want even more.

I wanted to feel him inside me.

I wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him harder against me. William took a deep breath, kissed me again, then stopped with a kind of hesitation that said he wasn’t sure what to do.

Let’s slow down,” he finally said.

The words sent a wave of disappointment coursing through me. I waited as he took a few deep breaths. His forehead rested against my lips. His breath caressed my throat through the open collar of my shirt.

“What’s wrong?” My heart was pumping like the wheels of a freight train. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the speed of thingsI was shocked at my own reactions, at how ready I would have been to sleep with him, right there on my couchbut I was sure that I loved kissing him.

Want to see what happens when he explains himself? Pick up your copy of After All These Years right now and find out!


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