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It's Always the Quiet Ones...

Have you ever wanted one of your good friends, and just wished they'd give you a sign they felt the same way as you did?

It's happened to people I know, and I got to thinking, what if the perfect couple just needed a little extra help getting together? And what if one of their mutual friends decided to get in the middle of it and sleep with them both, just to manouevre them closer together?

Take a quiet wallflower with a submissive secret, a stoic Dom with the hots for her, and the self-proclaimed Queen of Casual Sex... Together, they make a hot M/F/F threesome with a little kinky spice!

Yeah, that was a fun one to write. Here's a little excerpt:

“I’m topping Nic on Saturday night.”

Lee stared at the woman standing on his front doorstep, unable to believe what he was hearing. “Why?”

“Because I’m attracted to her, because she said yes, and because I knew it was gonna piss you off.”

He took a step closer, getting in her face, and Dana closed the rest of the distance between them, putting them chest-to-chest.

He swallowed hard but kept quiet. Dana decided her plan would only work if he got angry enough. “And it is pissing you off, huh? Have you fantasised about being her top? About bending her to your will and making her call you ‘Sir’?”

“Don’t push me…” He was furious but he wanted her, too. If she could provoke him enough, he’d probably take her right there and then.

“She wants me to go there with her. And tomorrow night, I will.”

His voice was a low growl. “You’re a piece of work, Dana Carey.”

She shrugged, a tremor of desire running through her as she wondered how he’d fuck when he was really out of control. “It’s not like you’re ever gonna make your move. One of us might as well do it.”

He pulled her into the house, slammed the door and strode through to the living room, rage and desire seeming to control him in equal measure. “Cancel it.”

“No.” The word had barely left her throat when he grabbed her shoulders and pinned her to the wall with his body, shocking the breath from her lungs.

“Is this what you want, Dana?” His voice was sardonic, but he was really seeking her permission to get rough, his eyes wary in case she decided he was going too far. She could see why Nic was completely smitten with the guy—he really was a gentleman underneath it all. She was starting to fall for him a little herself.

“Right now, I want you to fuck me. Tomorrow, I plan to fuck her—”

The words had the desired effect. Lee crushed Dana to him, his lips rough against hers, his cock hard against her. She moaned his name, tugging at his shirt and stripping it off the moment he pulled back enough to allow it.

They stumbled through the apartment to the bedroom, shedding clothing along the way, and he left teeth-marks on her breast before unhooking her bra. Dana scratched her nails down his back and he sighed, grinding against her again. She made short work of his pants, taking his deliciously hard length in one fist and beginning to stroke.

“That feel good?”

He answered with another brutal kiss, tangling his fingers in her hair, yanking enough to hurt. Dana laughed and he pinned her to the bed, her arms above her head. “I could ask you the same thing. Does it feel good, knowing you can just snap your fingers and take the one person I want the most?”

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