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Lace, leather and silk, fringe: what's your pleasure?

I've got a thing goin' on for lingerie. Always have. Great fitting bras. Pretty too.
And as I grow...ahem...more mature, I love great panties, too.
Recently, as I research for my newest BDSM cowboys series, I decided that my heroine opens her own lingerie store in a tiny Texas town, where the men are good and plenty and the women wear smiles.
So I post here a few great pix from a site called KNICKERS, which just tickles me to no end!
And then we have this tempting little number by La Perla (one of my faves):
Not into feathers? How about pasties? (From Knickers)
Can you see yourself in any of these?
(Narrowing eyes to focus well on you.)
Come tell us!!! WHO are you underneath all that????

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