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My two releases in November

This is a great month, with not just one, but two new releases. This may explain why I am so exhausted...

Anyway, the first is Autumn Quest, which is part of the Sins of Autumn Anthology, which contains not just my story, but two other fabulous tales: Hail Storm by D.J. Manly, and Full by A.J. Llewellyn. Both are very different, but brilliant: Hail Storm had me crying through the last third of the book and hoping DJ would manage a happy end. Full resonated on a very deep level with me because it is about weight issues, which I have battled all my life.

My story came from a little 'what if' experiment', as explained in the foreword:

As an author, it is my job to wonder “What if…?” With this story, I took the concept a little further than usual, resulting in a setting that can only be called ‘alternate history’. I took the Mongol culture of about AD 400 and asked, “What if…they had never been defeated by the Chinese, and, later, by the Christians?” What sort of a society would they have ended up with? I have taken a lot of liberties in assuming what might have happened, especially in the area of potential magic and wizardry. This last takes the story into the realms of fantasy, but who knows what might have happened? The names and places I mention are all based on Mongol culture, though. While you won’t need a glossary to understand, here are a few examples:
Bayar: Joy
Chinux: Wolf
Khaganate: legendary empire of times past
Khanate: largest section left of the former empire
Naiman: common name of the Khanate
Naman: ruling royal family of the Khanate, name derived from the Khanate’s name
Khan: nobleman in Mongol times; the king in this book
Qara: black

Playing with alternate history has been fun for me. I hope you will enjoy reading about the results of my thought experiment as much as I loved coming up with it.

The second book this month will be Convincing Landon (Men of Riverside, #7) and will be released on November 21:
Afraid of being openly gay, Landon rejected Kendall after a brief affair. Will they be able to make a fresh start when chance reunites them years later?

Landon Tully is a social worker who only returned to Riverside for his father’s funeral. But when a job opportunity opens up, he decides to stay for a while. Within days he runs into Kendall Gable, the man he’d thought was too young for him eight years ago – only now Kendall is all grown up and on the opposite side of a bidding contest for the land Landon has been asked to obtain to build a homeless shelter.

Kendall has made a life for himself as an architect. Focusing on work has helped him fill the hole in his life that Landon left behind. Running into him is painful, but helps him realise some of the issues in his professional life need fixing.

Will Kendall be able to convince himself, and Landon, that they deserve a life together after all?

Other than that? I am still 'playing parent' with my 14-year-old niece staying with me so she can go to school here and improve her English. Not to mention experiencinga whole new and different culture. I love our weekly cinema visits and the cookies she baked for me. But I also look forward to having 'my life' back after Christmas, when she returns to Germany. Gettig up at 7:00 is no more fun now than it was when she moved in last September.

Until next month,
with love,


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi Serena,

Congratulations on the November releases. THE SINS OF AUTUMN sounds particularly intriguing - though I'm always up for a tale of M/M love, too.

Wishing you fabulous sales!

Serena Yates said...

Thank you, Lisabet! :-)