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Pictoral Ode to the Phallus

Last week as I searched for pictures of a totally unrelated nature, an image appeared that made me blink. Twice. In the midst of a pile of loose fabric, the shadows formed a perfect phallus. This seemed obviously unintentional, but it made me wonder what else out there had intended, or maybe not so intended, images of the great male member. I enjoyed my hunt and hope you enjoy a few of the pics I found. Oh, and complete credit to all those who took these wonderful photos.


Ancient Pompeii reveals this carving in stone.


Rockets Away! 

An iceberg from Antarctica

If this isn't blatant, I don't know what is.

Gotta love the architects for this building. 
Wonder if they studied it from all angles?

Chocolate covered bananas. Yummy. 

Now that I've put all kinds of thoughts in your head and all day you're going to be looking for phallic symbols everywhere, go out and have a great one! Um, day that is. :D

~ Ayla


Maria-Claire Payne said...

This made my morning, Ayla! I'll be smiling all day :)


Ayla Ruse said...

Glad to hear it, Marie-Claire. It definitely made me smile looking for all the pics!