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What If...?

May your wildest fantasies come true…

When I was thinking of the concept for Three-Way Tie, I let my wildest fantasies come true.

For a lot of writers a story begins with, “what if…”

What if a woman wanted a no-strings-attached weekend to explore her wild side, to leave her small town Texas life for the untamed Colorado mountains?

Lindsey Nolan, as down to earth as can be, privately enters a very naughty silent auction, never dreaming she’ll win the grand prize…a weekend with a renowned Dom the tall, dark, and slightly mysterious Master Rafael.

When she wins, she nearly has a change of heart. Before they even meet, Master Rafael pushes her to reveal her innermost secrets, including her limits. She’s played a little in the scene in Dallas, but even that hasn’t prepared her for someone as exacting as Master Rafael.

Rafael has a surprise of his own in store for the lovely Lindsey.

He hasn’t been involved with a BDSM relationship for a long time, and he wouldn’t be entertaining now, if it weren’t for his friend, Eric.

Since Master Eric has coerced Rafael into this weekend, he can join them.

When Lindsey arrives there at Master Rafael’s stunningly beautiful home, she finds her wildest dreams haven’t been met they’ve been exceeded.

But she hardly knows what to do with one Dom, what is she supposed to do with two of them?

She mistakenly thinks Master Eric—with his blond, boyish good looks—is the gentler of the two. But while the men are a study of contrasts, they’re both committed to giving Lindsey the weekend of her life, even if it means pushing each of her limits to get her there.

What if…?

That’s my favorite question. No wonder I write.

Wishing you lots of fantasies of your own….

Love, Sierra

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