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Where did it go?

Where did my motivation go? I can't seem to find it! I have been under too much stress lately and there has been a stifling of all my motivation! I hope to find it soon because I have so many ideas built up in my email ideas folder and I want to write them all, want to share them, want to say I am being productive and feel good about it! Ugh...lately it just hasn't happened.

So I need to find it, not sure how. I know some people force out words when they don't want to and others force out certain amounts of time. Neither has worked super great for me in the past.

I need something though, someone to stand behind me with a whip and...wait that may not lead to writing but it could be fun...

So what do others do, what helps you when you have been overwhelmed for months and not writing hardly a word? What gets you back into it where you feel good and productive?

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