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Winter/Autumn 2011

So I loved Cerise's post yesterday about lingerie and underwear (make mine silk, btw), but personally I get very happy around autumn because it's time to really enjoy the clothes on top. More specifically, it means I get to oogle men's fashion at its best. Mmm.

Snuggly knitwear that make you want to cuddle in to his broad chest, press your face to the line of his scruffy jaw and breathe in the smell of aftershave. Those lush cord trousers with deep furrows that make you crave the drag of your fingers down firm thighs. Business suits that fit so sharply you could cut yourself if you got too close. Lots and lots of buttons to undo and layers to undress...the ultimate in anticipation.

Then on top: Dramatic, confident overcoats that look incredible on a tall bloke -- the sort of coat where you can grab hold of the collar and pull him down for a snog. Even better if he's wearing a scarf you can use to tangle you both into an embrace that won't be easy to let go. And don't even get me started on strokeable suedes and leather...

What's your favourite fall fashion for men? And to the writers reading this, have you ever set a story in a season just so you could write the fashion you wanted? I admit, my current WIP is set in late October, just so I can have my hero wearing a gorgeously heavy Victorinox sweater!


Justine Elyot said...

Oh YES, those coats. And a cashmere scarf that smells of a good aftershave.

Rachel Randall said...

@Justine: Ngggh!