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Merry Christmas, darling!

It's that time of year again! This wonderful day means family togetherness, the warmth of home, the exchange of gifts and plenty of goodwill to end the year on a gorgeous note.

For some of us, it also means spending time with a certain someone and coming up with creative things to do after all those presents have been opened. Not sure what to do to make the season bright? Here are a few ideas that might have you blushing like Rudolph:

1. THE present. The one that you can't open in front of family and friends. The one that gets opened in the bedroom, at night, when the door is locked. Maybe it's that naughty board game or that sex toy you ordered online or those cheap sex dice that leads to hours of fun. You have one in mind already, don't you?

2. The other present. This is the one presented in nothing but a birthday suit with a pretty bow wrapped around it. In your beloved's favorite color, of course.

3. Good use of dinner leftovers. Think that pie is only good for eating in the kitchen? Think again, my friend. Naughty cheesecake, sexy grapes and even a drizzle or two of sweet syrups can make your bedtime sweeter than sugarplums.

4. Unique candlelight. Have you ever made love under Christmas tree lights? They give a glimmer to that fine sheen of sweat across his shoulders. They make curious shadows on your bodies that demand exploration. They light you up with a beautiful glow, and that leads to a lovely afterglow.

5. Snow! If you are one of the lucky ones who has plenty of snow hanging around outside, scoop some up and take it to the bedroom. Take turns applying the flakes to the skin and quickly lick them up, warming the trail wherever it may lead. Don't have snow? Now is the time of year to break out the ice cubes.

Of course, no Christmas romp is complete without the absolutely required accessory: The Santa Claus hat. Bonus points if you can keep it on your head all the way through the big finish!

With much love,

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