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Naughty AND Nice...The Appeal of E-Rom

One of the most delicious recent evolutions , at least for me, has been the increased availability of e-books and erotic romance.

Years ago, I remember going to the erotica section at my local big box book retailers. (I’d say their initials, but then you’d know who they were!) They shelved erotica reads alongside the psychology books. I always felt slightly guilty when I pulled a book off the shelf to read the back blurb, or, heavens, flipped through the pages!

I definitely didn’t need a helpful customer service representative asking if I needed help. I also didn’t want to be plucking books from the shelves while men were jostling for space next to me.

Then, even worse, was the walk to the front of the store. I would generally buy something else so I could hide my erotica purchase. That was followed by being rung up by a clerk and wondering what he or she was thinking.

A lot of times, I was a bit unsatisfied by my purchases. I was looking for deeper characterization in more relatable situations. Victorian spanking stories were tantalizing, but I wanted something that I felt more connected to.

I didn’t buy erotica all the time, just occasionally. Generally you’d find me in the romance section. I’d been a voracious romance reader ever since high school. With a few notable exceptions, I often wanted more from the stories, sex wise.

And then…along came erotic romance.


For me, it was the perfect combo. I got characters I could fall in love with. I could be emotionally satisfied by the stories, and, even better, slightly scandalized! What could be more perfect?

Well, the availability of purchasing options.

I can download as many titles as I want to my handy e-reader or I can read books on my computer. The other day, and this wasn’t ideal, but it served in a pinch, I read one on my phone!

I can browse reviews from other like-minded readers. With recommendations, I can find new authors. Or I can checkout other titles in my preferred genre. (Bet you couldn’t guess my preference for BDSM!) I can pay in various ways, too. And I don’t have to go to the front of a store with my book hidden beneath something else. Although if I did buy a book at a book store, I wouldn’t keep it hidden. The covers on these books are absolutely beautiful artistically.

The evolution of books has made my naughty pastime much, much nicer.

Many happy reads in the new year!

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