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Nipple Play

I miss Spring, despite the variable weather, the mud, the rain, the threat of destructive storm. But mostly, I miss the flowers. Still, if I really think about nature, I know the flowers are simply keeping themselves warm.

In a way, nipples are like tiny little flowers in the Spring. They hide, keeping warm and snug, cuddled inside a swatch of silk or perhaps lace. This, in turn, lies secretly beneath a warm woolly sweater or a conservative button down blouse. When confronted with the heat of passion, though, the nipples grow, pushing to the surface, seeking the light just a a tiny bud reaches for the sun. Free from confinement, the nipples spring up, proudly stand erect, throb for a lover's touch, a
lover's lips. As a bud bursts into a rose, the nipples, if treated with care and passion, can lead to a crescendo of passion. Still, nipples are tough little buggers and sometimes, it takes more than a gentle coaxing to bring about the desired result. In Tasting Pleasure, Alicia learns this lesson when she displeases Maverick, her dominant. Little did
she know that Maverick was far from displeased. In fact, he had rather hoped she'd make a mistake so that could "punish" her deliciously.

"Put your hands on your head, elbows out."

Alicia complied. She stood perfectly still, not even turning her head as Maverick walked
behind her to retrieve his trousers. He again stepped in front of her, allowing her to clearly see him reaching into the front left pocket. He removed two wicked looking clamps, connected to each other by a heavy metal chain.
"Do you know what this is?" he asked, hold the device in front of her.
"No," she answered.
"No?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.
"No,sir," she quickly amended.
"That's better. Still, I believe you have just added about thirty seconds onto your time, he cryptically said. "These, my disobedient companion, are clover clamps.
I will attach one cold, tight clamp to each of your lovely, tender nipples. As the weight of the heavy chain pulls the clams downwards, the tightness will increase."

Have no fear, Alicia will enjoy every moment of Punishment!

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