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What are all those family relationships doing in erotic fiction?

#2 in my SWORDS OF PASSION series
I find a lot of kinky relationships being celebrated in erotic fiction these days and they leave me...cold. Cringing. And wondering what the heck some people are espousing when they write fiction that celebrates step-fathers/brothers/mothers/sisters having sex within the family?
Sure, the concept is arousing. Funky. Prurient. And one look at the best-seller status of some of these tells you right away that people do buy these. (A lot of readers don't have to, either, because the authors offer them for free. Yes, the atuhors do it to promote their name, their brand. But I digress!)
My personal views are probably parochial and I expect some of you will not agree with me on this, but I like my erotic sex relationships to be more AHHH and less ICK!
While erotic fiction--romance or not--has a plot with a theme, premise and moral (just like other fiction), much of the family relationship erotic fiction I read lacks this. Therefore, I would conclude these verge on porn. (Please see Sam Crescent's post here for August 3, 2011 for an excellent discussion of the differences between erotica and porn.)
Yes. I have read the excerpts and I have read a few of the free ones. What did I hope to get from that? Well, I did want to know how the authors justified those relationships, legally incestuous or ethically so.
My conclusion?
The authors did not justify them at all.
The attractions were physical.
The romances, if there were any, bowed to the physical.
The "fun" in the encounters was built on the taboo nature of the relationship.  Indeed, the moods were dark, very dark.
The themes seemed to be "let's do it now that we have this momentary opportunity." The characterization seemed to be that as well.
The premises were usually built on the same.
And the moral of the story was "thanks, that was just what I wanted."
For me, I'll take my erotica with less opportunism and narcissism, and more AHHH, thank you.


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Sam Crescent said...

I'm pleased you found my post erotica v's Porn interesting.

I agree there is certainly a huge difference, in my opinion, between the two genres and in some of the aspects you've mentioned I've read to see how it can work and been disappointed.

Thank you for you post.

Sam x