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A Wonderful End to a Great Year!

It is with both excitement and a touch of sadness that I write this morning to all of you. Excited because the Holiday season has begun, and I still believe it's a magical time of year. I brave the malls to search out that perfect gift for my loved ones, and pray that I'll find a parking space within at least a three mile area :) I look forward to spending time with friends and family-despite the predictable dramas. And each Christmas morning I eagerly awake brimming with curiosity to discover what Santa left under our tree.

This year I have a little present for all of you! My second book of the Phantom River series, Only A Mate's Touch, will be available on Dec 26th. I have absolutely loved getting to know these characters, and have two more books planned to round out the series. Also the first book The Scent of Seduction will be available in print the same day!

Here's the Blurb for Only A Mate's Touch to wet your appetites
Only two who are truly destined for one another will find a way to stitch together the ragged edges of their souls and become complete.
Shaun has been perpetually unlucky in love. None of the women he meets are his mate…but that doesn’t stop him from finding enjoyment with those he becomes close to. All that changes on the day he meets Meeghan Nicholson, a new deputy for the town of Stonepass. Shaun recognises that the feisty black-haired beauty is the one he’s been searching for all his life. So it’s a shame that the woman hates him on first sight. Now a man who’s always been known to speak before he thinks must sweet talk his way into his mate’s arms.
Meeghan is tired of men who think that because she’s a woman they can get her to do whatever they want. Her body might soften at Shaun Colfer’s seductive touch, but she refuses to let her heart succumb to the sneaky shifter. Can Meeghan calm Shaun’s tempestuousness? Can Shaun crack the shell surrounding Meeghan’s heart? It just might work…but only with a mate’s touch.

However, my touch of sadness stems from the fact that this will be my last post on the Hot-Spot. I've decided to turn over the reigns to another one of TEBs wonderful authors. I've had a great time posting and chatting with you all! I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season and wish everyone a magnificent New Year! Thank you sooo much for all the love you've shone me in buying my books. You readers and your support are what keep me clicking away at my keyboard, and I promise do my best to continue to bring you hot and fresh stories in the years to come.

Thank You TEB Readers And Goodnight!!!!!

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