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First Times

Hello everyone,

First of all, to those of you who are used to finding Em Woods blogging away in this place - sorry. I've kindly been offered to take over the spot and delighted to do so!

Chances are you don't know me yet, so please allow me to introduce myself:
I'm Sage Marlowe, a new author with TEB and just overall a new author. My first novel, "Sub-Mission" will be published by TEB in May and I'm so excited!
After a rather surprising visit from my muse I started writing in 2010 and since keep finding myself haunted by new intriguing characters and storylines ever since. This has now resulted in two completed and contracted books, several manuscripts at various stages of completion and a whole bunch of ideas waiting to be tackled. Oh, by the way, I write MM erotic romance (occasionally another M sneaks in...) and I like it dark and dirty.

Of course when I was offered this spot I wondered what to write about in my first TEB blog but luckily the answer came pretty quickly. What better topic to write about for the first time than - First Times (Times? Plural? Isn't there just the one? Ts-ts. Naughty you! Sorry, it's not what you're thinking.)
Apart from that one, particular first time there are lots of other first times and they are what I'd like to write about first. All those first times that keep popping up, often without really being noticed. For me, these past and coming months seem to be full of first times, starting right here with my first blog at the hot-spot.
Last year some of the most significant first times in my life as an author were submitting a manuscript, the first time a contract arrived in my inbox and all the other new experiences you make when you're on the way from being someone who bugs their SO by tapping away at their laptop until late at night to actually being a published author. This year there will be the release of my first book of course and I'm sure my private life has a few very exciting first times in store for me as well.

Then there are all those little first times you barely notice, which is sad because they don't get to be appreciated for what they are. Think about the first time you try out that new coffee shop with the hottie behind the counter and you know he's guaranteed to brighten your days from now on. Or the first time you try that melt-in-the-mouth, taste bud-pleasuring chocolate (yes, I am a chocoholic, as well as nursing a serious caffeine addiction - I'm a writer, what else do you expect?)

Okay, okay. Enough with the foreplay.
You want it and so do I. Let's get down to that other kind of first times. At last.
As an erotic romance author, you have a lot of that kind of first times. Well, technically not necessarily a very first first time, but that important very first time together. Whenever your characters finally start falling for each other or maybe right the moment they meet, you find yourself being dragged along for their first times.
The first time they kiss, the first time they undress and explore each other's bodies, the first time they get down to it. Believe me, that never stops being exciting! Every time they do it, you're right there with them, experiencing the magic of all those little things they discover about each other. What does the other one taste like? How does their skin feel under your fingertips? What kind of touch do they like and where are their particular hotspots? What... Um, I think you've got the idea now so I'm going to leave you here to use your own imagination.

What first times did you encounter recently? Anything exciting like setting eyes on a coffee shop hottie and ending up feeding each other a box of yummy chocolates? Maybe something more of the quiet kind? Feel free to leave a comment - I'd love to know what you've been up to.



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Maggie Nash said...

Welcome to TEB Sage - and congratulations on your first published book!

This is the first time I have commented on a blog written by you! The first of many I am sure!

Have a wonderful week :-)

Sam Crescent said...

Hi Sage and welcome to TEB. This is such a wonderful publisher.

I remember my first post on Hitting the Hot Spot, I had no idea what to write and just went in trying to think of something interesting to say about me. There were a lot of firsts for me last year but so far nothing new as yet this year. Looking forward to reading more posts by you and your book sounds amazing.

Wait until you get your cover art, that for me was an amazing first.

Sam x

Ranae Rose said...

Welcome, Sage. :) Congrats on the upcoming book!

Rachel Randall said...

Hi Sage :) Welcome to TEB and good luck with all your upcoming projects!

Nichelle Gregory said...

Welcome to TEB, Sage! I enjoyed learning more about you! :)