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Kiss me.

I know that seems a bit forward for a title but I do love a good kiss. I really do. I love watching them, I love reading them and I relish writing them. Especially first kisses and I've got some good ones! 

There's the kiss on Father Christmas's Sleigh in Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart.

Bacon flavoured kisses in Secret Surprise.

The first kiss between vampire and human in The Point.

 "He walked round and squeezed in front of her, his back against the chair. He pulled atthe stiff material then with his gentle, chilling fingers, he scooped up her breasts and settledthem properly in the confines of the corset. She bit her lip to hold in a moan of delight and hoped he could not see how hard her nipples were.
“Done,”   he   said   and   smiled   at   her.   Their   faces   were   so   close   that   she   couldn’t   help looking   up   at   his   lips.   They   curled   into   a  little   smile,   and   she   knew   she   only   had   to   lean forward and they would kiss. She leant forward, not out of choice but because she had lostconcentration.   Hugh’s   hands   came   up   to   her  sides   to   steady   her   body,   and   his   lips   came down to agitate her spirit.

She    gasped.    His   lips  were    as  icy  as  his  hands,    and   they   were    demanding.       They undulated and coaxed the kiss from her own lips. Her mind spun as her body reacted. Her hands ran up and down the front of his body. They slipped under the heavy material of his
jacket then traced his hard torso through the silken material of his shirt.

He   pulled   away   suddenly.   She   almost   fell,  but   he   kept   her   steady,   his   hands   braced around her waist. "

 The Moment a fan kisses Bollywood Star, Rahul Khan in Silver Screen Dream

"It was just like my favourite moment from any Bollywood film. Time slowed, colours intensified and I noticed the ice shock of his blue corneas against the jet black, widened pools of lust that were his pupils. I could hear the softened, romantic music. It might have been real or imagined, I wasn’t sure, but everything in the background faded away, and it became as if Rahul and I were the only people in all the world.
 The moment his lips touched mine, I felt as if I had been switched on. Turned on, certainly, but I was also fully functioning. Every little brush of his lips on mine registered in every last, little nerve. Every movement excited me. I realised I had been left on standby since I had been dumped by Danny, my body just going through the motions. Rahul’s kiss brought me back to life.I had never experienced anything of its like before. I suddenly realised why a kiss could bring Snow White back from the dead. I won’t ever be able to explain exactly what happened to me then, but it was magical. 
I had watched a million movies, each of them hundreds of times over. I’d seen more first kisses than I could remember, and I always knew, deep in my heart, that a Bollywood kiss was a lie. It was acting. It was a show.I got my first Bollywood kiss, and I realised that it was a reality. That love at first kiss could exist."

There is a never-ending variety to kissing that depends on the Characters involved and their locations and their emotional states. I am always eager to write a kiss. I love finding out what's going to happen, how the pair will erm, face off so to speak. 

Now because I love kissing so much I started up a regular spot on my website called The Sunday Snog  
A snog is a kiss,I know it's not a particularly attractive little word but I do like alliteration! Each week I gather together other authors who love kisses as much as I do and we share hot excerpts on our blogs and I keep a list of them on my site so you lovely readers can wander around enjoying sexy snogs  from top notch erotica and erotic romance authors. 

But this wasn't enough. Nope, It's gotten even bigger, in fact it's got it's own website! . And on the 12th February, the Sunday before Valentine's Day we're going to host the BIGGEST Sunday Snog yet. 

But not just that, no, not only will you have loads of lovely kissing excerpts to peruse you will be able to win a prize with a simple comment at every single blog you visit. Yep, every one. And I've got a big prize planned which is going to be brilliant, even if I do say so myself. 

But (I know, another one, indulge me) even that isn't it. Oh no. We have hot Free Reads too in the guise of our hot flash fiction section! Feel free to check out the site now, there's some info on there, the last couple of Sunday snogs and some flash fiction too. But put the 12th February in your diaries and join me for the biggest and best Blisse Kiss to date! 

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