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A New Year...A New Beginning...

Have you ever looked back on a year and thought...thank God that one's over? I've had a few of those lately, but 2011 was definitely one I'm happy to close the book on. Not that there was anything completely tragic. My kids are great and I had some very memorable moments, like completely my 7-day mountain bike race without needing to be airlifted out of the bush, going mountain biking all summer long with my oldest son, watching my kids get that much older (though I'm not sure any wiser, lol) and having a few more books hit both the virtual and paper shelves. But overall, not my best year.

There are lots of reasons we don't accomplish all we wanted to, and I know there were numerous obstacles for why I didn't write what I wanted to last year. But dwelling on them only continues the trend and as December faded in January, I finally took a good hard look. I'd made some significant changes in my life over the past six months and it was time to stop agonizing over some and get on with it.

So...hello 2012. I have some big plans for you. I will (notice how I used a positive, decisive word here) finish and submit ten books this year. That's basically one a month with some time off in the summer and December (I never get that much done around Christmas). I'd like to have at least six of those come out this year, but that of course depends on schedules I'm not in charge of, so that one could go either way. I'm finally going to get in the best shape of my life...I've said this one before and I've achieved some good strides, but I'm done with the fast food wagon and late night snacking. Time to actually do what I say I'm going to do. I don't want to be one of those people that uses age as an excuse to get, I'm going to switch that around. It won't be easy but nothing worthwhile generally is.

Finally, I'm going to make sure I take time just for the kids and for myself. I have a couple of writing adventures planned for this year.. I'll be at AAD in NOLA, hope to see you all there... so the kids need some time too. Here's hoping I can find something fantastic to do.

So what are your plans? Was 2011 a great chapter in your book, or one you're just happy to have survived? Either way, 2012 is a new year, and every day is your chance to make it a brand new beginning.

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