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Ride of the Writer

The typical cliche in writing is to "write what you know." I've read, heard, and talked about this ever since I first put pen to paper. Although I've never taken the phrase literally (how else would we have such fabulous fiction in our lives if all writers lived by this code?), I used to hold steadfast to the idea of this code. Yes, used to. 

One year ago this month I saw my first published story appear at Total E-Bound. The Deciding Factor made its debut and ecstatic cannot describe how I felt - as every published writer out there knows. As the year progressed, I had more stories published and into 2012, I now have a calendar specifically for writing where I have deadline dates, promo dates and planned release dates - among many other writing notes. 

Are all my books the same? In that they are romance, yes. Beyond this, no. At least, I hope not. I have written and plan to write stories that, a year or more ago, would have never crossed my mind to write. The process has been an exciting challenge. I have an idea and where do I take this nugget of gold? Who is involved and what happens? Is the story scary, dramatic or funny? How far can I push myself to turn these ideas into words that evokes the outcome I want? 

Sound like a roller-coaster ride? Hell, yeah. Have I mentioned I love roller-coasters? Think about it. Just when you think you can't take another rise and dip, you hop on a new ride and the train takes you there, gives you what you need. You hold on for dear life, scream your head off then want to do it again. Writing is like this for me, and I plan to make my trip an endless one. 

Have a happy Sunday and a great coming-week!


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Lily said...

Great post, and I know just what you mean about the roller-coaster ride that is writing :-)