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Stoking The Flames

Hi, all! Happy New Year!

Since I live in South Florida, there's this window of cool -- well, coolish -- weather in the early hours but our temperatures climb high enough in the afternoon sun to warrant short-sleeved t-shirts -- and this state of affairs is rather discouraging me from finishing one work-in-progress I've been close to winding down: it's tough for me to write about cuddling around a roaring fire when I have all my windows and sliding doors thrown open. So I find myself finishing a firefighter story instead...'cause there's more than one way to stoke the flames ;)

One of my favorite parts of writing this story has been building not only all the sexy personal attributes of the firefighters themselves in my little world but considering all the cool stuff part of the job.... Powerful burst of liquid from a turgid hose. Telescoping ladders sliding up and up and up. Gear comprised of intriguing combinations of rubber and latex and leather.

Is it any wonder that everyone loves a hot firefighter -- or two?

With all due respect to those of you braving cold weather: I'm off to grab a cold shower before I finish this particular WIP ;)


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