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Yay! A new Book

Yep. That's right - I'm finally, after 2 long years, releasing another book - available on January 30, 2012. It's the third and final book in my Pleasure series, title Discovering Pleasure. This book is near and dear to my heart for several reasons. First, it's heroine, Rose, is named after my great-aunt who paid for my way through college, loved me my entire life and was a prominent influence upon my upbringing. Second, Rose (the heroine) discovers her natural father and family - something I am personally familiar with. I am an adopted child - my parent adopted me at the tender age of 12 days. But, after the birth of my second son and medical complications, I needed to find my biological family - which I did. Third, the setting is Southern Illinois, specifically the wineries of Southern Illinois - an area of the U.S.A. which I absolutely love. Fourth, the book delves into the waters of Domestic Discipline, an area of high interest to me. So, please enjoy this prelude to Discovering Pleasure now, and if you happen to be in the St. Louis area around February 10, 2011, give me holler. We will be hosting a book release gathering at Johnny's Sidebar in downtown Collinsville, Illinois!

Rose took deep, calming breaths and waited. She heard Nathan’s footsteps, the refrigerator door open. She listened as he popped open the can of beer. With each passing moment, she became wetter. Finally, she heard him enter the bedroom.

“Three times you came?” he questioned.

“No, Sir. Four,” she mumbled.

“Five for each time then. Prepare.”

Rose silently nodded her understanding and willed herself to relax. Only twenty swats. My Lord is kind.

Expecting his hand to come down on her upturned ass, Rose squealed in surprise when she felt the hard kiss of his leather belt. After the first five lashes, Nathan stopped and rubbed a gentle hand over her stinging cheeks.

“Beautiful,” he whispered and Rose sighed with pleasure.

After five more stripes, she no longer sighed, but squeezed her eyes shut allowing only a few tears to escape and run down her cheeks.

Now, she heard the unmistakable metallic sound of Nathan’s zipper. He was undressing. Soon, he’d enter her and all pain would morph into mind-blowing pleasure. Just thinking about his cock inside of her caused her to tremble and her thighs to shine with renewed wetness.

Nathan tapped the plug, causing her to jump. He leaned on top of her, his naked chest heavy on her back.

“Not going to come, yet, are you?” he murmured into her ear.

“No, Sir,” she answered breathily, biting her lip and praying that she could keep her word. He raised himself from her and deftly delivered five more lashes with a lighter hand. She didn’t quite know when the pain had transformed, but pure pleasure radiated throughout her being. Nathan grabbed the plug, spun it and she moaned.

“Please, Sir. I can’t take much more,” she begged.

Slowly, he pulled. She cried out, suddenly bereft from the loss of the fullness.

“You’ll take more, Rose. You’ll take much more,” he promised as he positioned himself behind her, the tip of his latex-covered cock pushing against her open anus.

Rose cried out, pushing against him as he plunged his penis deep within her.

“Please, please let me come!” she cried, already her vision blurred by a bevy of brilliant colours. She heard Nathan’s laugh from deep in his throat as she continued to beg him for release.

“Whose are you?” he questioned, his voice raw.

“I am,” she panted, “yours.”

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Maggie Nash said...

Oh I am looking forward to this one Marie! I have the other 2 already and loved them. This one looks HOT!