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Having a Moment

There are all kinds of moments...good ones, bad ones, and those that pop up every now and then and change how you look at the world. It might not be in such a literal way, but more along the lines of how you perceive your place in it. These past few weeks I've had two such moments.

The first was a professional one. It seems since I started down this path of becoming published, I've heard other authors talk about their fans. Yes, fans as in people who'd send them mail, pledging their undying love for all the author had written...okay, maybe not quite that strong, but you get the gist of it. Fans as one would expect. Being new to the business, I suppose I just thought that people would read my work and occasionally send me a message saying they'd enjoyed it, or that it had made their day.

Well, those letters never really came, at least not how it seemed to be for others. I suppose it was an eye opener. That either readers didn't 'chat' with authors they liked all that much or I was an oddity. I thought back to authors I enjoyed... had I ever written them letters to say their work had inspired me or made me laugh? No, I hadn't. So, I allowed this minor oversight in my idea of being a published author slide... yes it was an attempt to save my injured pride, but I digress. Then it happened. I actually got an email from a... hold your 

God, I don't know if I can even say the word. But, whatever one would call said person, they wrote to tell me they'd enjoyed one of my stories. It was definitely a moment. Well, I had another such moment earlier this month. A reader wrote to express their gratitude and... to sing praises, lol. What a great way to start a week. There's nothing more motivating than having someone say they enjoyed your book. It makes those moments when you stare an an empty white screen seem almost painless.

However, just the other day, I had an even bigger moment. 

I was sitting on a set of cold, metal bleachers, watching my youngest son play hockey. It just so happened that my oldest son was one of the officials on the ice for the game, so I got to see both of them together. It's always a great time for me when that happens... there's just something about seeing your kids sharing an experience that makes it even more enjoyable. Anyway, one of the moms from the team grabbed my sleeve and proceeded to tell me what wonderful kids I had. How they'd been talking about my kids just the night before. She'd been impressed with how my older son had gotten along with the younger kids during a tournament in another town and how supportive he'd been. She continued with a "you're a good mom" and "how do you do it all on your own?" 

I have to say, of all my moments, this was one of the best. Not because of the things she said about me... but because of what she said about my kids. I think every parent has this hidden fear that their children turn into unruly bullies once they are out of sight... so to hear that they do, in fact, behave in a manner that is both acceptable and desirable, made me smile more than anything else could have. Being a single mom... yeah I worry I'm causing them therapy... seriously. I can picture them sitting on a couch spurting back stuff I've said in my more.. weaker moments. But this... yes, this was a moment that made me smile at my place in the world.

So, here's to all the moments... the good, the bad, the ugly. All the things that shape us and make us who we are. Cause what doesn't kill us does make us stronger and in the end, your choices really do shape your world.

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