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I'm not nearly done

How much can change in such a short time. And how much fun a person can have in the middle of it all.

Less than a year ago, I offered Three to Total E-Bound, trying not to get my hopes up too high, expecting a friendly “not for our readers” mail back. But no, within a week I got message they wanted it… after a few edits, and boy, were they right about that one. But I learned to love the modern day version of the red pencil, thanks to editors with the patience of true angels. Now, I find it honestly near impossible to be proud of anything I’ve written, but I have to admit, when Three was published in November 2011 it gave me a dang good feeling.

Encouraged by how welcoming the Total E-Bound bunch had been, I offered another story to TEB, and much to my joy, they contracted that too. The funny is that what started out as a short story will now be a series with at least three parts, of which the second part has just been, informally, accepted. And all because I wanted the story to have its own cover art. (okay, and Isaac and Tom insisted I wasn’t done with them yet)

The first part of Calling the shots, Facing the truth, will be out on March 12. It’s the start of the psychological, emotional and (hopefully) erotic journey of Isaac and Tom in the world of BDSM.

So, if you want to know if Tom ever learns how to truly submit to his Sir while remaining a strong and independent man, and if Isaac learns how to embrace his nature as dominant, I would say: start reading on March 12!

And I’m not nearly done writing.

Oh, you want a teaser of Facing the truth? Here you go! ;-)


Isaac Newhouse knew that voice like he knew his own thoughts. “Yes, Tom?”

“I was thinking… You’re not going to get angry at me? Or think I’m weird?” The twenty-two-year-old looked genuinely shy, and Isaac wondered if it was about something other than sex. Because after the vibrator, the blindfold and the handcuffs, what could possibly make Tom worried his lover would frown in disapproval?

“Why don’t you tell me? Probably the worst you’ll hear from me is ‘sorry, this time it’s no’. And you know very well there isn’t much of a chance of that. I admit I lack somewhat in the fantasy and imagination department, but luckily I have you for that.” Isaac smiled reassuringly. “Unless you’re asking me to go to a bar, pick up a stranger and have sex with him while you’re watching us, because that is one of the very few things I’m unable to give to you.”

“What…? You think I’m some pervert?” Tom huffed. “It’s nothing like that at all. I want you to tell me what to do. That’s all. As long as it has something to do with sex, of course, in case you’re thinking about the kitchen floor needing a good scrub.”

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