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Late Valentine

Is it ever too late for Valentine sentiments? I don't think so. I recently had the unfortunate experience of getting into a fight with a close friend. It hurt so much more, for both of us, because we know and care so much for each other, we know exactly how to hurt each other. I consider myself fortunate to have such a great friend that we can go through that and come out of it still saying, although grudgingly at the moment "ya love you too" But we did and I am very glad, life wouldn't be the same without friends so great that you can be completely honest with them and say, "hey you're being an idiot" and they can come back with "ya so are you."

So although it is technically too late for the Happy Valentines day I should have given my dear friend, here it is....

There is no love greater than friendship, it goes beyond passion, beyond attraction and into your very soul. It is something that stands strong through bad decisions and even worse relationships, through hurts and upsets and life changes.

Friendship should be the base and glue for the greatest loves. It IS that important, it SHOULD be fought to be kept. A great friend is worth a thousand lovers...and a lover who is a friend is worth a thousand more...

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