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My first Hitting the Hot Spot Blog *panics*

Help! Help! My hair is on fire! I haven’t written a blog post!!!


Tall, dark and handsome man enters room and places large mug of coffee on table (Double Dutch Chocolate with Irish Cream creamer) and says:

“There, there darling…here’s your coffee. If you write the blog post I’ll make sure you have a very interesting afternoon.”

Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome exits room, whistling. He’s wearing nothing but a chef’s apron and the view is…inspiring.

Now, where were we?

Blog post, right, deep breath…I can do this.

Sit me down with someone who’s foolish enough to ask me about my writing and within minutes their eyes glaze over and they don’t realise the ripe runny brie they took from the cheeseboard has just run off the cracker. They smile politely. I see the spinach they had with dinner, wedged between their teeth but I don’t mind…I’m on a roll and I’m talking about my writing. Then…The Question…

“What do you write?”

Time was I would’ve blushed, spluttered, pointed to the pig flying past the window and told them I wrote romance and left it at that. When I wrote the first draft of ‘Stolen Summer’, I was living in Arizona. I worked with a couple of proper cowboys, the real deal – Wranglers, starched shirts, black hats and work boots. When I told them I was writing a story about two men who fell in love with each other, the reaction was outright horror and revulsion. Their response made me realise that not everyone is open-minded enough to deal with that kind of thing.

I didn’t let it bug me. After all, ‘Stolen Summer’ was meant to be a one-off. I didn’t have another LGBT story in me. I had a nifty contemporary womens’ fiction to shop around to agents, I was going to be mainstream come hell or high water. But, the best laid plans and all that… I wrote ‘Orion Rising’ and while I was writing that, I had another idea which eventually became ‘Mourning Jack’. Now I’m addicted to the m/m genre and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Now, when people ask me what I write, I tell them the truth. So far, the reaction has been very positive. Hell, thanks to my husband, just about everyone in our village knows that his reclusive wife sits at home and writes novels about men who love each other very much. No one has egged the house, painted ‘smut peddler’ on the car or given me the cold shoulder in the village shop. The landlord of the local pub always asks me how the writing is going and my husband is always happy to keep him informed. This makes me very happy and proud of the genre I’ve made my home. So I guess I’ll be writing m/m romance for the foreseeable future.



Sue Brown said...

You're a braver woman than I am, sweetheart. I stick with romance and leave it at that.

Josie said...

Only my husband knows I read m/m, I tell the rest of the work I read 'genre romance'! Lovely blog post and very inspiring picture.....

sue laybourn said...

Thanks for stopping by and posting, ladies. I decided to be honest if anyone asks, except in job interviews when 'romance' would be my word of choice.

Morticia Knight said...

Good for you! I'm still working on that - I've let a select few know. The best part though is that I - like you - have a very supportive husband who's proud of what I do!

Alex Harrow said...

Go you (and your awesome hubby)! I'm not a m/m romance writer in the strictest sense, but as a LGBT writer who writes about LGBT characters, I've gotten my share of cold shoulders and outright homophobic comments myself and it sucks when those happen, but it's awesome when people go "Oh really? That's great!" and actually mean it, because how are LGBT books going to become a "trend" if nobody dares to write them and say so with pride. So you, lady, rock! :)