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Readers Are Always Welcome

In the past year so many things have changed within my life. Next month I’ll be celebrating my first ever acceptance but I want to think about before then. Most people who know me are aware of my obsession with reading. I love it, I always find at least ten minutes at the end of the day where I can relax and calm down by reading a book.
As a reader I never thought of getting in touch with the writers I loved to read and there were so many of them.
Stories that had touched me and helped me move past a point in my life.
Since the release of, The Valentines: Robert, I’ve had a few readers get in touch and I never knew how amazing it would feel.

I read posts where we’re begging readers to participate and so I’m joining the cause. I love hearing from readers and would love to see more feedback from the people who love...or dare I say, hate our work.
So, here I am on my knees begging you. Please to all readers join in the fun.

Upcoming stuff from me:

I’ve been trying to be a busy bee, not that it works all the time. I can get distracted in my time.

I just got my fourth acceptance for an erotic romance thriller, currently titled: Love, Death and Justice.
I’ve also co-written two books with a fellow writer, Natalie Dae and we’re working on the third.

But for me the most important, William’s story is going to be releasing soon.

Check out my snazzy little banner.

and a postcard, 

and a bookmark
I hope this is enough to satisfy you for now. 

Take Care

Sam x

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