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Weird Things Happen...

Do you know these moments when you see a face and you instantly think "Oh, I know you" – and then you can't seem to remember who on earth that person is and where you know them from? I'm rather hopeless remembering faces, so that's something not at all unusual for me and yet, what happened to me last week was weird even by my standards.

Since it's a new year I treated myself to a new calendar. I picked one of those with pictures of pretty boys which, as a matter of fact, was a strictly professional choice - I do need some inspiration occasionally after all. That calendar's been put up in the hall (no point having a calendar you don't get to see) so I get an eyeful whenever I go to the kitchen. Incidentally I do not go there more often now although, admittedly, it is possible that it takes me just a tad longer these days to make it through the hall.

Anyway, when I flipped over Mr January last week, I thought that February looked somehow familiar, but I just couldn't place him, which didn't come as much of a surprise as I'm not exactly keeping the company of calendar models.

So I walked past him a couple of times a day, simply admiring the view until, at around five-thirty last Friday morning, cup of coffee in hand, I caught another glimpse as I strode down the hall (No, I wasn’t loitering. Definitely not. Not even just a little...) and just like that, I recognised him at last.

His name is Harley. He's actually a pilot, sexy as sin and - surprise! - the main character of a book I'm currently working on. No kidding, it is him, even if he looks a little younger in that photo than he does in my head.

What do you make of this? Coincidence? Projection? A delusion of a somewhat hyper active author's mind? I am currently working on three books simultaneously after all - no make that four. One story is supposed to come in two volumes.

Either way, two more details to mull about: Harley's actually been around since last year, so long before I even had that calendar and he did some glamour modelling when he was younger...

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