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I Blew it

I admit it. I blew it. With the very first picture I said what I was told not to say. Let's see how long it takes you to blow it! Go ahead - I dare you to click on this link and try not to say it.

Now that the cute stuff is out of the way - how 'bout the hot stuff!! Here's a short excerpt from Discovering Pleasure.

Nathan grinned and rubbed his hands together. Damn, he was a lucky man. As soon as he had walked in the door and seen Rose naked, her head bowed, his cock had grown hard. He’d known she would never make it through the hour without having at least one orgasm. He wasn’t angry with her. Hell, he had never been angry with her. The first time she’d looked at him with those big, green eyes, he’d known she would be his. Okay, she was a bit odd with her need for neatness, her weird ability of knowing what the weather was going to do or ‘seeing’ a person’s past—not to mention her sketchy history—but she was also everything Nathan wanted in a woman. She was smart, kind-hearted, knew how to stand up for herself, and was sexy as well. Didn’t hurt any that she also seemed to be a natural submissive who craved order and structure, something he knew she had lacked throughout her childhood.

Walking into the sparkling kitchen, Nathan grabbed a beer, popped it open and slowly drank it. In his mind, he could see her, trembling with excitement, waiting for him naked—her arse naked and exposed, the base of the butt plug clearly visible. It took all his willpower to lounge about in the kitchen, but he knew that anticipation would make her even more excited and anxious to please him. Glancing at the clock, he decided that he’d make her wait five more minutes, then her ass was his.

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