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A Life Less Ordinary

Last Saturday I went to Eroticon, a conference for erotic writers and sex bloggers. As you might expect, I got a lot of ribbing from family and friends for it. A few of them suggested, when I asked them what I thought I should wear, that head-to-toe leather might be appropriate. I ultimately decided to go for artistic but professional, which would have been a relief to anyone who had tried to imagine me in a rubber dress and had visions of the Michelin Man.

Those who know and love me see me as a scarlet woman now. They should have come with me and seen that I’m actually quite normal. In fact, very ordinary indeed.

Eroticon, more than anything else in my opinion, was a place where you could guarantee that everyone was completely open-minded, completely tolerant of everyone else’s preferences. Anyone looking to be shocked would probably not have even got past the Lovehoney sex toy stand. If they managed to miss that, the opening Q&A for sex bloggers would have had them swooning as the discussion moved from open marriages through polyamory to BDSM. Not to mention the wonderful Aisling Weaver, who told us how she had spent six years married to a woman followed by another six married to a man - after her wife had a sex change. No-one so much as batted an eyelid. It was the most relaxing atmosphere I’ve ever discussed sex in, and I’ve discussed sex in a lot of places.

But somehow I suddenly feel very vanilla. While I’m sure my husband would love the idea, we’ve never been in an open relationship, nor have we experimented with BDSM beyond the basics of spankers, cuffs and blindfolds. Maybe I need to broaden my experience.

And luckily I have a £50 voucher for Lovehoney. Website, here I come…

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