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The Marriage of Horror and Romance

Yes, horror and romance. Together in the open, at last. This trend is picking up steam. On one hand, it seems incongruous. There is the "eek" and "OMG" and the classic "help me!" combined with the "yes - more" and "right there" and "I love you!" It does tend to make one's eyebrows twist. 

However, as odd as the pairing seems, it is rather appropriate. Think about it. If you're in the middle of something scary and evil (think: watching a horror flick), would you rather go it alone, or right next to someone strong and handsome/beautiful. Even if you're the one kicking ass, it's a bonus to have your love - or potential love - at your back. 

When I first saw the call for the upcoming horror romance collection Scared Stiff, I flip-flopped for quite awhile. See, I love a good horror story and of course, I love a good romance. I know its possible to pair the two, but could I accomplish this task? Knowing I could do anything I set my mind to, I dove in with both feet and the result is my upcoming release in this collection entitled The Fires of Beltane, out April 2. Following is a little snippet from this tale.

What was supposed to be a celebration of life turns into a festival of fear...

Beltane is a time-old festival of life and renewal, bonfires and fertility, celebrated by many even in this day and age. In this story, Natalie agrees to attend a secret Beltane, knowing the night could slip into an orgiastic event. She has her doubts about participating, but then she meets William, a long-standing attendee of this festival, who encourages her embrace the whole of the festivities. 

Somewhere else in the night, however, are others who have studied a darker history of Beltane, one with ties to the occult. As this event unfolds, Natalie and William explore their mutual attraction, but all is not immediate happy ever after as they end up having to fight for their lives. 

Can they escape, and will their attraction be able to survive the harrowing events from these Fires of Beltane? 

She remained on her knees, dazed and breathless with a quirky grin on her face. She’d done it. She’d participated. When she shifted to stand up, however, the press of the cloak against her nipples made her cry out. Clutching her re-aroused breasts, Natalie looked around to see everyone having sex…everywhere. 

Bodies and groups moved, blended, came together then parted. Cloaks were discarded, masks were askew and the sounds of sex almost drowned out the pounding music of the drums. 

Her body grew hot, but it seemed needier now than it had before William had touched her. How? Was this what he’d meant when he’d told her she’d need others?

Confused, Natalie made her way to the May Pole. Sonya and Whitlock were nowhere in sight, but Natalie decided she’d wait it out. Sonya would find her, surely. If not her, then William. And if not either of them—her eyes scanned the crowd desperately—then…someone…anyone to ease her new aches. 
Thanks for dropping by, and have a horrifically great Thursday! 
Ayla Ruse

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Marie Harte said...

Awesome excerpt! I am excited to read it. I've never read horror/romance before, though I've read horror stories with romantic elements int them. The beginning of a new trend in romance books, perhaps? And oh, rockin' cover!