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The Realm of Passion

My second story with Total-E-Bound will be released next month! The Realm of Passion is an FF short fantasy story that I am so excited to see come out. I was inspired to write it by thoughts of possession and transference of different kinds of spirits or "illnesses" I finally settled on the idea of a possession rather than an infection and wanted it to be a good rather than horrible sort of thing. So my heroine is possessed by the soul/energy of a fairy princess. The loss of which has had a negative impact on the fairy realm and is something the demons are searching for as hard as the fairies.
This throws Callie into the protective arms of a very beautiful pink haired fairy warrior who has every intention of being the hero to her people by bringing the magic back. Of course the two women find it hard to keep their hands off of each other and the draw of the forbidden magic inside of Callie is too tempting to Malia.
Passionate and fun, this story will be released April 9th!

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