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Red Carpet Glamour

No wait, come back!!

Day four of my miserable cold. Searching desperately for distraction with a befuddled brain that's only fit for mindless consumption of red carpet pretties.

So I've fixated on those galleries of fancy frocks from this year's Oscars. I didn't watch it this year (oh dear time zones), nor do I have big opinions on the films in question (oh dear Dutch cinema options), but I do have opinions on the fashion :)

There were a lot of classy outfits, but some of the ones that stood out most for me were a bit more daring than some of the more classic elegance:

George's arm-candy Stacey looked like a total glamour-puss in this dress -- absolutely what the occasion called for!

I actually don't know who this is! But she looks amazing. In a year of too many pale shades, she took the trend and absolutely rocked it with something different. More sharp tailoring in dresses, yes please! (Plus love the fun hair with the more serious business frock...)
This is a fantastic dress for a young ingenue. It's so striking and unusual, the colouring suits her, and it's sexy and dream. Perfect for being spotted across the room; ideal for keeping interested eyes on you.

Speaking of tailoring, this is the greatest dress of the red carpet, hands down for me. LOVE IT. Love Glenn.
I know the fashion blogs were divided on this one, but I think Sandra looks amazing.  And the super-sleek long ponytail that's become her trademark is always super hot.
My big wish for post-Oscar fashion coverage, however, is always more of the men's wear. A good tux or suit just can't be beat. This year, my fav was definitely Gary Oldman (whose wife was rather glam too):

And in terms of best website for staring at pretty suits, I nominate the Spencer Hart blog, where they were posting pics of actors coming in for their suit fittings prior to the big night. I mean, really, take a look at this:

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