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Something New...

Starting a new story is always dizzying. There’s a world of possibility and scary number of possible ways to misstep and not end up with the story you started with.

Even though I’ve written dozens of books, it’s always a bit of a mystery.

Who are my protagonists? (I have to keep a list of all the names I’ve used before. I tend to like the same names, so it’s not unusual for me to want to re-use them. Also, a lot of times, characters from my last book are still fresh in my mind. There’s a temptation just to name the characters those names!)

I generally start with an idea, a concept…what if a high-profile tightly strung lawyer likes to play BDSM games? What if the lawyer is a woman who is accustomed to being in control? But wait, would a woman with that personality type really want to play BDSM games? Does that fit? Well…sort of…. I bet she’s like to be in control of the game.

I bet she’d like to set up who she played with, when she played with them, and I bet she’d know exactly what she wanted.

In this instance, because of her personality, she likely doesn’t have a permanent relationship.

(Hmm…all of a sudden, a new idea is occurring, what about writing a book where the heroine is large and in charge does have a Dom who demands total submission outside the courtroom….but what’s the internal conflict…? See, there I go! Writing a new book is a bit like chasing a butterfly! A new idea comes along and I want to follow it, too!)

For this book (back on track), my heroine…oh, wait, she needs a name…what kind of name works for a lawyer…? Victoria! Definitely not Vickie. (Gotta think about nicknames, too, right? And can’t use a name I’ve used before. Names, to me, help define characters.) Oh, yeah, then hero names…

Well, what if Victoria sets up her own experience every so often, like, once a year or so. What if she has a huge limits list? What if she pays really good money for the scene?

And what if a man she doesn’t know shows up to dominate her?

How would she react?

And how would the Dom react to her less-than-respectful shock?

What if her regular Dom is only temporarily unavailable? What if the other Dom also wants to dominate her? What does a woman who wants to control things is suddenly, totally out of control….?

Lust Bites: Her Two Doms…coming 25 June from Total-E-Bound

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