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Sunshine & Sex...

Spring is here!

I’m so excited to see the dull gray of winter fading beneath the peeking sunshine! I’m looking forward to warmer temps outside, butterflies, beautiful flowers, the smell of cut grass and working on some super hot stories!

There’s just something about sunshine and sex...mix the two together and you have a bit of magic!

Here’s a little scene from As You Desire containing both:

Lona closed her eyes as Rafi’s head blocked out the sun and his lips touched hers. He kissed her gently at first, caressing her lips with his tongue as he laid her back against the blanket. Lona revelled in the feel of him, so strong and warm pressed against her body as they lay side by side. She settled her head in the cradle of his arm around her neck as he deepened the kiss. His tongue tasted of cinnamon and Lona moaned with need as she returned his kiss, craving so much more from him.

“I want to kiss you everywhere,” Rafi whispered in her ear.

“And I want you to.”

She wanted to make a beautiful memory to remember him by…something to cherish after he said goodbye and walked out of her life. A strangled sound erupted from her throat at the thought of never seeing him again, but she pushed back that thought as she reached for the buttons on Rafi’s shirt. She wouldn’t think about anything else right now but being with him.

“I want you naked.”

Rafi laughed as he sat up to slide his shirt off his shoulders, revealing tanned muscles worthy of tongue-worship.

“Lona, I think you’re reading my thoughts.”

His wavy, dark hair gleamed in the sunlight as Lona moved up onto her knees and leaned in towards Rafi to kiss his collarbone.

“Then you know I want to kiss you everywhere, too.”

Lona opened her mouth, dropped her head and flicked her tongue over Rafi’s nipple. She smiled against his skin at his sharp intake of breath.

“Damn it, Lona, you’re asking for more than just my kiss if you do that again.”

Without hesitation, Lona encircled his other nipple with her tongue. She yelped as Rafi pulled her forward, knocking her off balance as they fell back onto the blanket with her on top of him. He slipped his hands beneath her sundress, up her thighs, over her waist, lifting the fabric to show her green panties. She helped him, taking the dress up over her head, feeling gloriously free as the scent of the water and honeysuckle carried in the wind blowing around them.

“Take this”—Rafi touched her protruding nipple through the cotton of her bra—“off.”

Lona reached behind her back, unclasped the bra and let it fall down her arms. She shifted her weight onto Rafi’s stomach, conscious of his lengthening cock nudging her stomach as he stared up at her.

What was he thinking?

“You’re gorgeous…you know that?”

Lona couldn’t respond as he lifted his hands to palm the heavy weight of her breasts. Her panties were soaked now as he stroked the rough pads of his thumbs back and forth across her sensitive nipples. Rafi gently tugged on the tips of her breasts, making her arch her back as she placed her hands on his chest. He abruptly grabbed her hips and rolled her to the side, covering her body with his own. His mouth latched on to her breast and Lona grabbed hold of his head, running her fingers through the thick strands of his hair as he teased her with his tongue and teeth. Only when both breasts had been given the same amount of wet kisses did he move lower, pressing his mouth to her belly and on the top of her panties.

“I’m so wet for you, Rafi.”

Her admission made something wild flare in his eyes.

“Show me.”


May this spring bring you more than beautiful flowers...may it bring you more love, joy and a little magic!

Nichelle Gregory 
Simply sexy stories...

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