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I am super-excited because I'm traveling, and not just around the corner either! I'm going to Florida tomorrow. This may be no big deal for those of you normally residing in the US but for me, usually stuck in one of the colder and less hospitable corners of Europe, it is.

You can help me pack if you like. The following items are under consideration:

1. T-shirts and sleeveless tops (none of them have seen the light since the end of September because it was just too darn cold here).
2. a sun dress (I'm definitely packing one of those, even if the weather forecast predicts thunderstorms for the entire time of my stay)
3. flip-flops (oooh, my feet want to feel the sun too!)
4. a bathing suit - in case there's a pool. There should be a pool, don't you think? In fact, this is what I imagine it to look like:
Although I may of course be wrong there. But anyway, a pool would be nice...

5. shorts (the shortest ones I can find)
6. loose-fitting linen trousers (in case I can't go everywhere in short shorts)
7. sunscreen (because my skin is whiter than curd cheese at the moment)
8. ?
What else should I pack? Let me know in the comments!

Also, has anyone ever tried getting toys (you know, the adult kind) through airport security in their hand luggage? Just curious...

I'll report back here on the 19th of next month with fresh memories of Florida.

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Maria-Claire Payne said...

You'll be fine, Mina! Welcome to Florida!