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Wankers & Tossers

One of the aspects I love most about Total-E-Bound is working in British English rather than American English (although I am fairly certain the editors get quite tired of me missing the "correct" spelling and placement of punctuation...I love you, Becca!). I am fast becoming quite enamored of reading British slang dictionaries (yeah, I read dictionaries for fun -- and, admit it, you other authors and readers: you do too!). Two of my favorite words this week: "wanker" and "tosser." I have an affinity for two-syllable word that refer to masturbation, and I especially like the fact that, if I decide to call a man a wanker or a tosser...well, he is. Yes, I am aware the terms are insults, but I do so enjoy a good-sounding insult that rolls so easily off the tongue that's also literally the truth!

This image I've included? Well, that's the image that lead me down this path in the first place. I keep some random images -- whatever catches my fancy -- on my website for inspiration for the next WIP and I was quite taken by this one for several reasons -- but I've struggled to attach a story to it for months now until I wandered across the terms "wanker" and then, later, "tosser" this past week. His hands are bound, he's on his back chained, she's holding a gun -- and she looks pissed....Pretty sure he did something major to incur her wrath. Yep: pretty sure he's a wanker.

Of course, their positions could easily be reversed, and so my question: I'm working my way backwards through my British slang dictionary and I am just now starting the listings under the letter "s." Will I eventually stumble across the feminine equivalent of "wanker" and "tosser?" Inquiring minds want to know ;)


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