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Who Wants to Get Nude?

When I was much younger, I was asked to be in a stage production of the musical “Hair”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, there is a scene at the end of the first act where the entire cast gathers on stage completely nude. It was a statement during the peace and love era that said “all bodies are beautiful, you needn’t have any shame”. I guess I wasn’t buying that statement at the time, because I was much too embarrassed to agree to it. I couldn’t get past the sexual implications of it; there wasn’t the slightest chance I was going to parade around naked in front of a group of strangers – especially men.  

Although the nudity in “Hair” is not meant to be sexual, there are several times when the act of one gender being nude in front of another gender is part of the sexual experience. A fetish, if you will. It can be very erotic if you are without any clothes, and are surrounded by one or more clothed people.  There is a heightened sense of vulnerability, plus the naughty thrill of being seen by others. This would serve both parties , one side being voyeuristic and the other being exhibitionist.

This type of fetish is sometimes referred to as CMNF (Clothed Male, Naked Female) or you can switch it up, and make it CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male). Many BDSM scenarios contain variations of this, such as a Master commanding his submissive to be in public without any panties in a short skirt all day (see the film “The Story of O”), or to be in front of a group of strangers completely naked. What is always very interesting to me, is that there is nothing new under the sun. How many times have I heard people bemoaning the depravity of modern society, only to find many examples of identical behaviours throughout history?

I’m not going to reach all the way back in ancient history to Roman orgies and such - although I certainly could - but I’ll just give one small example from over a hundred years ago. One of the most famous paintings by the revered French impressionist painter, Edouard Manet, is called “Luncheon on the Grass”, and features a completely naked woman – with another in the background-  casually reclining with two elegantly clothed males and having  a picnic. It created quite a controversy in its day. It was said to have been inspired by an even earlier 16th century work by Titan. No one would blink twice now. I can remember seeing it as a child, and just being super curious as to why the lady in the painting had no clothes on. My parents didn’t have an answer for that one.

Our drives and urges as humans haven’t really changed all that much. What is wonderful to me in this modern age, is that we don’t have to go sneak off and see one titillating French painting to get our thrills, we have endless opportunities at our fingertips to explore through tons of ebooks, and other resources out there. How lucky is that?

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