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Why do you procrastinate?

One way to procrastinate: Hire a promo man!

Yep. As a died in the wool Obsessive Worker, I hardly ever suffer Procrastination Blues.
Not my style. Learned long ago to just put my a$$ in the chair and work it, baby!
BUT lately I have a tough time. I am doing that nut ball thing I never do, questioning myself.
I would rather:

  • go the gym (now you KNOW this is a bad case of put-it-off!)
  • wash dishes (huh?)
  • finish the novel I am currently reading which would make that a reward for playing hooky—and how could I possibly reward myself for not working? *headtodesk*
  • think up a new series which, I must add, I have NO clue when I can write it given that I am up to that same a$$ finishing off the 3rd historical for TEB in my medieval series. (YES, you can see how I am constantly doing more than my 24 hours worth.)

IN fact, years ago, make that over 15 years ago, I had to promise hubby and the family that I would stop work at 5 the latest 6 and not go back. Not Go Back.
I have kept to that.
But you know at night, I usually feel my fingertips itching for the keyboard.
So, is my procrastination really fear? Fear of Failure? Yes, might be.  BUT see me, hear me do this mantra now, I know that this too shall pass.
I have been here before.
Worked myself out of it.
Worked the work until it was great. (or in my estimation so it was. I have put 2 kids through college with my earnings so it does get me enough $$$ to verify me.)
So I guess this means that now that I have dumped my bucket on you, I will crack my knuckles and, for godsakes, Cerise, stop bellyaching and get back to work!

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