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Word and pictures

I have a confession to make…

Okay, that’s perhaps a bit overly dramatic for the simple fact that I have absolutely no idea how my characters actually look like when I write them, but there you have it. I’m a writer of erotica with practically no visual imagination.

I have no idea. Ever. There is nothing beyond words. No faces, no voices, just the words that start in my head and, sometimes, end up in the story I actually write down.

I don’t even play the game of pretending what actor would be perfect for the role, because I honestly wouldn’t know whom to pick. Of course, I’ll give some indicators like general build, colour of hair and eyes, age, but that’s mainly for the benefit of the readers. You guessed it, to me brown eyes, brown hair and medium build are words, nothing more. I wouldn’t recognise the men I created if they bumped into me while I’m doing the groceries in the local supermarket.

That does mean that when I get to see the cover art for the first time it’s always such a nice surprise. Someone else has “hired the actors” and the choice for my first two TEB titles has been excellent. I know I can trust Posh Gosh blindly to find the faces I can’t see, and that’s a talent I admire immensely.

And seeing the cover art for both Three and Facing the truth, I think you’ll agree with me.

S. Dora

1 comment:

Julia Kanno said...

I think PG did a beautiful job on your covers. I think the pictures we put to our writing are extremely important and we should consider ourselves lucky that TEB has such amazing artists. :-)