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April Already

I'm always amazed at how quickly the time goes by and I'm posting another blog piece. As you all know I never know what to say during these posts but a week ago I had a release and I've got a reason to celebrate. Today is one of my sister's birthday and I'm going to celebrate by giving away a free (e-copy) of, The Valentines: William.

Simply leave a comment and I'll announce a winner on Friday.


Book two in The Valentines Series

Time is running out.
He promised to keep her safe, he promised to protect her. William Valentine failed. On the night his father was murdered, the same wolf took Katie from him. The one and only surviving witch...or is she?
Katie White is going to die. She can feel it. Her determination and thoughts of William are what is making her fight to stay alive. But time is running out.
An old foe from William’s past is determined to see Katie finished.
Will William make it in time?
The Valentines-the war has only just begun.
Reader Advisory: This book is the second in a series and contains scenes of kidnap and violence.


William jumped back as somebody erupted out of the water, gasping for breath.
William gazed at that face and cried inside with joy.
“Katie?” he whispered, not wanting to disturb the image. He could live with her here, like this. He didn’t want her to disappear as she had so many times before in his mind. He wanted this to last as long as possible.
She stood twisting the water from her hair.
“William.” He heard the laughter in her voice as she said his name.
Getting to his feet, he approached the water, holding out a hand for her to take.
“No taking my blood, now.” She wagged a finger in his direction.
“Not without your permission,” he promised.
Their hands touched and any doubts he’d had came crashing down, rushing away from his body like a bad cloud. This was the person he wanted. The woman he wanted to be with.
They were mated in the most basic of terms, just enough to satisfy the council and keep them from hurting her, but they hadn’t had the time to complete the mating, for him to speak the bonding words as he took her innocence and made her his.

He wanted to find her and make the mating complete. To feel Katie’s naked body within his arms. To take everything she had to offer and to give her all of himself as well.
No protection, just sheer, naked need consuming them both.

William shook his head, trying to clear the erotic images from his mind. There would be time for him to make love to her soon enough. Seeing her could only mean she was out there, somewhere.
He guided her from the water, his eyes never leaving hers.
“You look beautiful,” he murmured.
“I bet you say that to all the girls, especially if they’re wet,” she teased, chuckling at his comment. William blushed at the innuendo.

Buy Link: Total-E-Bound

Sam x


Adonis Devereux said...

Just here showing my support! Good luck with this release!

Zuhira Ahmad said...

I really want to read this series but it's not available for amazon kindle yet. Recently finished Contract of Shame and it was great! Can't wait for Tony and Opal's story.

kristiglasco said...

I would love to win this ebook! I have been reading for a couple years (couldnt get into books until now) but I havent really read a lot of authors, so it would be nice to get to know more authors way of writing.

kristiglasco said...

Email is wrong.. Lol its gmail not

mrs z said...

I read Richard's story and got so sad when his father got killed. Would love to read Williams story. Excerpt was a tease. Good job.

PaParanormalFan said...

Hello Sam,

First I'd like to wish your sister a Happy Birthday & Thank you for celebrating it with Us by giving away a free (e-copy) of, "The Valentines: William".

Book two in The Valentines Series sounds like an Excellent Read, the Blurb was very Good & the Excerpt was Great...only one problem....I wanted MORE!!! :) This is a must buy Series.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be considered in your very generous giveaway. Thank You!

Take Care Sam & Have a Great Week
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

Sam Crescent said...

Hi all,

Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

As I can never pick a winner I use and it picked out PaParanormal Fan.

Please check your inbox.

Sam x

PaParanormalFan said...

WooHoo I Won!!! Thank You soooo Much!!!! I will really enjoy reading "The Valentines: William".

Take Care Sam & Happy Easter,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)